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Grenadite - the amazing semi-precious jewel from Grenada

More than 4000 years ago, South American tribes migrated north from the Orinoco Delta in their small wooden boats to discover new places to settle and to live in peace.

A northward heading Caribbean current brought them to Grenada, where they build villiges and discovered a green stone - as precious to them as a Diamond-.

Lisa rediscovered the stone and aplty named it " Grenadite" - meaning: the Jewel from Grenada.

Now the Grenadite is the backbone of a unique collection available only at Lisa's.

The old mustic motifs combined with modern skills are the ingredients of our wonderful, unique Jewelry Jewelry.

lisa-smallLisa, the creator of each piece of Jewelry is also inspired by Grenada's natural beauty and splendour creating Jewelry depicting the culture and people of Grenada's both, past and present. What's more, the creator produce Jewelry from her own mind as she sees the world therefore each piece is hand made and unique.

Lisa and spouse in front of one of their Jewelry displays