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Lisa, the creator of the Jewelry pieces, is inspired by Grenada’s natural beauty and splendor creating Jewelry depicting the culture and people of Grenada’s both, past and present.

The Grenadite

A local, Semi Precious stone re-discovered and named by Lisa. It is the backbone of a unique collection only available at Lisa’s.

When words alone are not enough

We Provide Handmade and Unique Jewelry

About Us

We are a Grenadian company established in 1996. Lisa is the creator of each piece of jewelry. She takes her inspiration from Grenada’s natural beauty and splendor and uses this to create ” Jewelry Art”. These special pieces may incorporate old mystic signs and often depict the culture of the indigenous people of Grenada, both past and present. What makes these pieces even more special is that the creator uses her own unique vision of her surroundings and the world and captures them in her jewelry designs.

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Painting – another side of Lisa

I discovered my passion for painting years ago. I bought paint, canvas and had my head full of encounters, observations and ideas. I started on a Sunday Morning with a fresh canvas and wondered why it suddenly got dark. I did paint for the whole day – forgot time my surrounding – and brought a story into a painting. I discovered that the act of painting helped me to calm myself and get rid of stress. My lovely husband always supports me and encourage my to bring out this hidden talent.

“I have been a frequent customer at Lisa’s Grenada for many year, the pieces are well shaped and crafted, over the years i have collected many wedding jewellery, beads, and a few other brilliantly made from precious stones, I recommend Lisa’s as the number 1 jewelry store in grenada”

Here’s A Secret….

More than 4000 years ago, South American tribes migrated north from the Orinoco Delta in their small wooden boats to discover new places to settle and to live in peace. A northward heading Caribbean current brought them to Grenada, where they build villiges and discovered a green stone – as precious to them as a Diamond. Lisa rediscovered the stone and aplty named it ” Grenadite” – meaning: the Jewel from Grenada. Now the Grenadite is the backbone of a unique collection available only at Lisa’s. More videos to come.

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