About Us

tripadvisorWe are a Grenadian company established in 1996.

Lisa is the creator of each piece of jewellery. She takes her inspiration from Grenada’s natural beauty and splendor and uses this to create ” Jewellery Art”. These special pieces may incorporate old mystic signs and often depict the culture of the indigenous people of Grenada, both past and present.

What makes these pieces even more special is that the creator uses her own unique vision of her surroundings and the world and captures them in her jewellery designs.

We use Grenada’s semi-precious Jewel – the Grenadite together with Gold and Silver to create unique pieces of Jewellery. Everything is designed and made in our Atelier and Workshop in Grenada’s capital St. George. ” Lisa’s Grenadite the Jewel from Grenada” is a trade mark and we are the only company authorised by Government to use the Grenadite.

Our slogan is: come to Lisa’s and get the good feeling!