Cocoa Pendant

Cocoa Pendant


Silver Gold plated chain


This Jewelry set is made of 925 Sterling Silver and Silver/Gold plated twisted to form a chain 18 inches long with Grenadite in the shape of a Cocoa – a Semi- Precious Green Stone indigenous to Grenada. A 925 Sterling Silver and Silver/Gold plated wires are twisted on the Grenadite from top to bottom. These twisted wires represent the never-ending circle of life that is believed to bring the bearer good fortune – good health and wealth. We call this circle – Sign of Life after the Kalinagos.

What are you getting? 1. One 925 Sterling Silver and Silver/Gold plated chain. The chain has a two-tone appearance. 2. One Grenadite – Semi- Precious Green stone – 26 carat.

Gift with every purchase: 1. One organic Dark Chocolate bar made in Grenada from Grenada’s cocoa known as the best in the world. 2. One small block of cocoa butter that can be used for cooking or apply on the skin. Cocoa butter – pure cocoa butter – has many health benefits.

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