Grenadite – means stone from Grenada.

Grenada’s lush greenery exists thanks to the volcanic heritage of this island. During lava eruptions Grenadite was formed – a beautiful jewel, created by compression and heat – emerging to mirror the green beauty of the island.

Grenadite belongs to the family of semi-precious stones, such as Turquoise, Citrine or Tanzanite. It is a calcite occuring in many shades of green. Geologically speaking it registers between three and five o the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Every piece of Grenadite used in our jewelry is individually selected, hand carved, polished and then placed in a custom made setting.

Grenadite’s Healing properties: emotional balance, stress relief, immune stystem and more….

It has a mild vibration that facilitates calm and relaxation, balancing the emotions. It is an excellent tool for bringing tranquility to the emotional body. Green calcite is considered a gemstone of joy and emotional balance and can be beneficial around the home and in the garden as it creates a peaceful atmosphere.
Helpful for reaching mental balance, Green Calcite helps to dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. Green Calcite assists during times of mental change or big transitions. Use Green Calcite to help release the comfortable, old programs that you may be holding on to but which no longer serve you. A peaceful stone, Green Calcite can help one to look at situations differently, with the knowledge that, whether good or bad, “This too, shall pass”.
Use Green Calcite when working with the Heart Chakra to bring emotional balance, heal mental problems and experience Divine Love. Great for body layouts, Green Calcite can be placed directly on the Heart Chakra to forge a better connection between the nadis (energy channels) and chakras.
Rigid old ideas can manifest as bone issues in the body, thus Green Calcite is useful for bone, ligament, and joint issues. Please note that Green Calcite should be cleansed thoroughly after use. Green calcite is thought to strengthen the immune system and eliminate bacteria from the body. It aids the lungs and heart. It helps heal infections. Green calcite cleans out body parasites. It provides a barrier to diminish the effect of disease producing micro-organisms.
Green calcite is great for balancing toxic fumes. It could be helpful to carry a green calcite in your car. Green calcite clears both the body and the environment of toxins.
Green calcite may be used as a prosperity stone. Green calcite is often called the money stone. It is said to return two-fold anything that you give.