Grenadite “Cacao pod” Set


pendant: Grenadite ~ 25,5ct , earring ~ 58,5ct with setting in 10kt Gold, chain 14 kt Gold

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It all starts with the fruit of the cacao tree called : cacao pod. The Grenadite’s are shaped like the cacao pod. it is said that the cacao tree came original with the Amerindian from South America to Grenada. They knew about the health benefits of the cacao and called it a ” gift of the Gods”. To pay tribute to them we used their Sign of life and wind it around the Grenadite and create a setting of this carefully selected jewels. We used those rare Grenadites which shows lots of inclusion to remind us of the lots of healthy ingredients the cacao beans has. The most important one is that it makes us happy. We hope to do the same with this one-of-a-kind cacao pod set.




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