Grenadite pendant ” our world”


Grenadite 50mm diameter, 14kt Gold, Silver, Zircon


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When I got hold of this spectacular 50mm round Grenadite  i started to reflect on our mother earth. Not long ago it was believed that the world is a flat disc. We know today that his was wrong and many of us have already traveled around the world. We have seen our planet from the moon and can zoom via satellite and see details up to the current in the sea. Just like the veins in the Grenadite. I then decide to frame it with a ring of Zircons and set the Grenadite with Gold wire. The Zircon ring act as a compass- the Gold dots shows North, South, East West and in between to make sure that you are not getting lost. The pendant has a brought

This piece of Jewelry is like a painting which reveals its secrets only to someone who takes a close look. It is a one-of-a-kind-piece. The chain is not included.


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