Oil down necklace


Silver, Gold, Grenadite, Rubies- one of a kind piece

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oil down is Grenada’s national dish, here as a unique piece of Jewelry to wear. Traditionally oil down is cooked in a big pot on the beach and every family has its own secret recipe. It is the dish during our Independence day on the 7th of February. This oil down to wear has the colors of Grenada’s flag; green- represented by Grenada’s semi- precious jewel – the Grenadite, Gold- represented by the Sign of life symbol- the spiral in the middle and red- represented by the 9 Rubies. We have 7 parishes and Carriacou and Petit Martinique makes the number nine. The round Silver plate with the 2 handles represents the pot which is held by the 40 handcrafted chain links. The length is 22 inches. Definitive an eye-catcher and a one-of-a-kind piece. The Grenadite has ~ 2,5ct, the Rubies are ~ 0.95ct



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